Stolle Nederland B.V.Stolle Nederland B.V.

Cast iron floorplates Cast iron floorplates
Machining (42CrMo4) Machining (42CrMo4)
The specialist in casting The specialist in casting
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Stolle Nederland BV

Stolle Nederland BV is an engineering works particularly specialised in iron and steel

Products of any size, large and small, can be produced using various large conventional milling machines as well as CNC-controlled milling machines. The dimensions of the products range from 500x500mm to 6,000x3,000mm, each complying to a high degree of flatness accuracy in accordance with DIN 876.

There is also an iron foundry within the Stolle group. Dolf Geraedts and Rob Geraedts are the driving forces behind Stolle Nederland BV.

The core business of Stolle Nederland BV consists of two key areas:

  1. The production of machine frames and machine parts (cast iron or welded constructions) to a high degree of accuracy. Stolle Nederland BV is a supplier of iron and steel products to machine builders in various sectors.
  2. The production of cast iron surface plates, measuring plates, angle plates and such like. Stolle is also specialised in the manufacture, construction, casting and shaping of these products in any conceivable form.

Stolle Nederland BV stands out from the rest, because

  • It always delivers top-level quality
  • Thanks to the extensive machine park, the company works to a high degree of accuracy and in a range of specialist fields
  • Enquiries, quotes and orders are handled in a professional manner
  • On-time delivery
  • Tailor-made advice is available with regard to casting, welding and metal cutting
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